Bubka asked him to remove Russia from all international tournaments :: Others :: RBC Sport

Bubka asked him to remove Russia from all international tournaments :: Others :: RBC Sport

The legendary pole vault striker and president of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine announced the need to follow the IOC recommendations for the exclusion of Russians and Belarusians from international competitions

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Sergei Bubka

Sergej Bubka

(Photo: Marina Lystseva / TASS)

The President of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Ukraine, Serhiy Bubka, called on all international sports federations with a request to follow the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the exclusion of Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions.

“The IOC Executive Committee, in order to protect the unity of international sports competitions, recommended their organizers and international sports federations not to invite athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus to participate,” the NOC press service quoted Bubka as saying. .

Russia was elected to the board of the ISU against the background of the suspension of athletes

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According to him, this position has been fully supported in advance by the Summer Olympic Sports Association. “Ukraine’s head demands that all international federations abide by the above recommendations,” he said.

In late February, the IOC recommended that international federations remove athletes from Russia and Belarus from the competition. As a result, many federations followed these recommendations, while others allowed athletes from both countries to compete only in a neutral status.

58-year-old Bubka is the first person in the world to jump with a javelin over 6 m. He has set world records 35 times. 1988 Olympic champion in Seoul, six-time world champion, European champion (1986), winner of World and European Cups (1985). In 2001 he received the title of Hero of Ukraine.


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