cooking method, dessert, how to cook, stars, food, cakes, for tea :: Show business ::

cooking method, dessert, how to cook, stars, food, cakes, for tea :: Show business ::

Russian pop star Natasha Koroleva is an excellent cook. She has a recipe for lemon cake in her kitchen arsenal. I’m real!

The performer of the hit “Yellow Tulips” knows a lot about preparing cakes for every occasion. A delicious delicacy is perfect for coffee and tea. Lemon cake will perfectly decorate even a festive table. So let’s move on to the recipes.


  • Eggs – 4 pieces.
  • Butter – 250 grams
  • Flour – 250 grams
  • Sugar – 250 grams
  • Lemon – 2 pieces.
  • Baking powder – 2 tablespoons
  • Condensed milk – 1 bank
  • Powdered sugar to taste

Note: Natasha Koroleva uses a mixer and paper and a baking dish for cooking.

How to cook

The first step: melt the main part of the butter, remove a piece separately to coat the mold.

the second step: Peel the lemons and squeeze the juice into a separate bowl. Do not throw away the liveliness – it will come to your aid.

The third step: Sift the flour and mix with the baking powder

Step four: make the dough. Dip eggs and sugar in a deep bowl and beat with a mixer. In this process add the melted butter, flour composition, skin and 50% of the amount of squeezed liquid. We mix everything thoroughly.

Step five: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Place the parchment in the baking dish, grease it with oil. Pour the dough on top and bake until ready, about 30 minutes.

Step Six: get the form. While the biscuits are cooling, mix the condensed milk with the remaining liquid with a mixer for 10 minutes.

step seven: We cut the product into two cakes, we spread them with a sweet mass on the sides as well. Sprinkle with powdered sugar on top.

Ready! Time to sit at the table and satisfy the stomach. The recipe can be written and saved so that it is always close by. Natasha Koroleva will not advise badly.


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