Current recipe – how to cook roasted chicken in jars

Current recipe – how to cook roasted chicken in jars

Due to the difficulties of wartime, housewives may have a situation where they have to buy meat “for the future”, while there is not enough space for it in the refrigerator.

In this case, you can use recipes for long-term storage of meat.

One of them was featured on food blogger Tatyana’s YouTube channel.

It offers a way to harvest meat for the future, but very quickly.

For harvesting chicken meat in brine according to her recipe, two liters of water for 3-3.5 kg of meat, as well as 200 gr. salt rock. You only need to cook for 30 minutes.

Such boiled meat, the author of the recipe is sure, can be used in different ways:

  • add pieces of meat when cooking the first dishes 10 minutes before the end of cooking;

  • rinse the meat from the jar in a sieve under cold running water before placing it in the container;

  • add the contents of the jar to the dish along with the salted liquid.

“The main thing is to always remember that you have to salt the finished dish before the end of cooking, after the test.” – advises the author of the recipe.

You may also be interested in a tried and tested recipe for a brine-based lard appetizer for all occasions, and especially during wartime.


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