“Four Paws”: 45% of Russians take their animals to caregivers – Retail and retail news

“Four Paws”: 45% of Russians take their animals to caregivers – Retail and retail news

April 29, 2022, 14:46


The Four Paws Zoo Network studied how often pet owners use the services of caregivers and what products they use to care for their pets. The experts also revealed the main costs of the Russians for animal beauty procedures.


Source: “Four Paws”

The survey included more than 1.5 thousand people from different cities of Russia. Almost 80% of respondents were women. Age of participants: 25 – 55 years old. Among respondents – 45% of cat owners and 44% – dogs.

Slightly less than half of Russians (45%) use the services of caretakers. At the same time, the majority (12%) bring pets to specialists once every six months. Once in three months, 11% of respondents visit care salons, and 8% – only once a year. The most requested service is nail trimming, which is used by more than 32% of pet owners. In second place is washing and drying – 23.15%, in third place – haircuts of origin and hygienic. Ear care was chosen by 20.67% of respondents.

“Care rooms are just gaining popularity among pet owners. This is facilitated both by the increase in the percentage of those who make a responsible decision to have a pet, and by the development of a culture for keeping them. Some procedures are chosen by clients to keep their pet safe. For example, when cutting the nails of dogs and cats, it is important not to damage the nerve endings and when caring for the ears, ear sticks should never be used. “A professional and experienced caregiver knows how to soothe the animal and not harm it, what cosmetics to use and also understands the specifics of care for different breeds,” he said. the main veterinary expert of “Four Paws” Igor Mikhailov.

Many pet owners also prefer to take care of pets by purchasing special products. The most popular pet care products are shampoo (32.04%), cleaning brush (21%), nail clippers (20.25%) and toothbrush and toothpaste 9.51%. In general, most respondents agree that they are willing to spend extra money on hygienic animal care. Almost 34% said that their spending on cosmetics and care services is more than 20,000 rubles a year, 27% are willing to spend from 5,000 to 10,000 rubles, 22% – from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles. Less than 5,000 rubles a year are spent on pet hygiene by 17% of respondents.

Earlier, experts from the Four Paws Zoo network noted that there was a growing trend in Russia to increase the number of pets in the family: this was facilitated by the transition of most Russians to “home office” mode. In January 2021, almost a quarter of respondents said they had a pet between March and May 2020, but only 2% linked their decision to the pandemic. As of July 2021, already 30% of respondents have responded that they have received a new animal during this period.

In addition, Russians are becoming more aware of the need for regular veterinary checks. In 2021, at least once a year, 40% of respondents go to the veterinary clinic and 86% follow the vaccination schedule. The cost of annual veterinary care for most pet owners (40%) is 5,000 – 10,000 rubles, 37% of respondents spend less than 5,000 rubles. The share of respondents for whom the cost of veterinary services is 10,000 – 20,000 rubles was 14%, more than 20,000 rubles – 9%.

Earlier, the “Four Paws” zoo network carried out a large-scale renaming.

Moreover, the Four Paws revealed the preferences of pet owners.



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