“How to make a baby cake in 5 minutes” – original recipe by Polina Dibrova – News

“How to make a baby cake in 5 minutes” – original recipe by Polina Dibrova – News

Photo: instagram.com/polinadibrova

The wife of the famous TV show presenter Who Wants to Be a Millionaire! Dmitry Dibrova, Polina, shared with subscribers a recipe for a cake that can be prepared with lightning speed.

On her Instagram page, Polina Dibrova has shown what to do when she forgot to buy a cake for a teenager? If you have all the right ingredients, then cook it, or rather assemble the cake, it will come out very quickly. Missing items can be baked yourself or ordered online.

For the cake, you need to prepare soft waffles: “milk, eggs, sugar, flour, butter and baking powder – mix and fry the waffles on a waffle iron”. Unfortunately, Polina did not indicate the size, but for those who have a waffle iron, the recipe for it was probably attached.

But! We have filled this gap:

  • Milk – 250 gr.
  • Oil – 200 gr.
  • Eggs – 3 pieces.
  • Sugar – 100 gr.
  • Flour – 350 gr.
  • Baking powder – 2 teaspoons.

Next, you need to order / buy donuts of different sizes and colors in the store, chocolate sauce, however, waffles can be bought and not baked yourself. Next, you need to build a picturesque pyramid with donuts and waffles on a large tray. Pour over the chocolate sauce and sprinkle with powdered sugar. The original cake is ready!

As Polina Dibrova assures, the boys will erase this luxury instantly.

Photo: https://www.instagram.com/polinadibrova/

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