Marina Yudashkina prepared a new dish

Marina Yudashkina prepared a new dish

The designer uses ginger for a pleasant taste.

Wrapped in bread: Marina Yudashkina shared a recipe for marinated chicken
Marina Yudashkina. Photo: personal archive of the stylist

Valentin Yudashkin’s wife baked a juicy chicken in marinade and bread. Marina Yudashkina has posted on her social networks the recipe of a delicious dish for the whole family.

Yudashkina marinate chicken with salt, pepper, a tablespoon of white wine, green onions, ginger, a tablespoon of soy sauce. The chicken should stand in the marinade for two hours.

Then Marina Yudashkina dips the baking paper in green tea and for the dough takes 750 grams of flour and 350 milliliters of water. The designer bakes the dough and leaves it for 30 minutes, then rolls it out. Yudashkina then wraps the chicken in parchment and then in the dough.

“We send it in the oven for two hours at 200 degrees, during which time the chicken meat is cooked in its own juice. Treat your loved ones and yourself! “Good appetite!”, Said Yudashkina in a personal microblog.

Recall that earlier Marina Yudashkina appeared in a cream-colored quilted jacket and ugg boots in her garden. A celebrity, even at the age of 63, remains a true fashionista and even in casual style outfits.

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