news, minsk, animals, database, database, registration

news, minsk, animals, database, database, registration

A unified electronic database for the registration of pets will be displayed in Minsk.

Anastasia Vorobieva, Deputy General Director of Mingorzhilkhoz, said about this, officially broadcasts the telegram channel ZhKH Minsk.

How the base will work

The deputy mayor of Mingorzhilkhoz recalled that now the registration of domestic dogs and cats is done on paper, in magazines, which does not correspond to modern realities.

In this regard, the specialists of the Information Technology Center of the Minsk City Executive Committee, together with the Minsk City Housing Authority, are currently developing a single electronic program that will immediately collect and update detailed information on all animals. households registered in the capital.

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Access to the database will be available not only to organizations serving the stock of housing, but also to settlements and reference centers: information on new pets will be automatically obtained there, which will simplify tax calculation for dog ownership.

It is also planned to link the city’s Fauna specialists to the database, in search of owners of lost and delivered animals to the enterprise shelter, which will increase the efficiency of the research.

In a separate section it is planned to place not only the number of the mark of the found animal, but also its other characteristics, up to the picture.

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