Novosibirsk recommended to register pets  Animals – Novosibirsk region

Novosibirsk recommended to register pets Animals – Novosibirsk region

A meeting of the ecology commission was held in the Novosibirsk region. The topic of the meeting was the need to increase the personal responsibility of citizens for pets.

Sergei Tsukar, Minister of Digital Development and Communication of the region, made a report on the issue “On the prospect of creating a unified information base for pets and stray animals in the Novosibirsk region.”

– Among the sources of information in the field of searching for lost pets, a number have been created as part of the Lost-NSK project: there is an official website and active communities on social networks. The Center for Pet Problems on the social network VKontakte publishes daily information about animals in the institution. Portals Pets911 and contain a lot of information on this topic, “said Sergey Tsukar.

The minister proposed that an appeal be sent to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and that a unified federal platform be developed that would consider animals, assist with research, and provide support services to pet owners, veterinary clinics, and shelters.

“I propose to develop a joint action plan to promote and popularize the existing public resources of the Novosibirsk region to search for extinct animals,” the minister added.

Sergei Konko, deputy chairman of the Committee on Ecology, asked a question about the authorities’ co-operation with public organizations.

– Locations with the search for lost animals already exist in the Novosibirsk region. In the social sphere, we have implemented such projects and we have had a positive result “, addressed Sergey Konko, Minister of Digital Development and Communication of the region.

However, Sergey Tsukar explained that the sites already available in the information space are not integrated with veterinary medicine services and stray animal capture. And the task of the ministry is different: to establish the accounting and registration of animals.


Deputies Roman Murzin and Alexander Barsukov proposed strengthening co-operation with volunteers and focusing on the responsibility for their pets to be borne primarily by their owners. This will help reduce the number of stray animals.

“If we passed a law that would force owners to register animals and show fines, people would understand that dogs and cats have to deal with microchips. “This is not the first time we have raised this issue,” said Vladimir Laptev, chairman of the Ecology Legislative Assembly.

As a result of the discussions, the members of the commission came to the conclusion that all issues and ways of solving problems have been raised.


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