Pets are slaughtered free of charge in Almaty

Pets are slaughtered free of charge in Almaty

Image by Randy Rodriguez from Pixabay

Image by Randy Rodriguez from Pixabay

Almaty offers free pet microchips.

In the press service of the State Enterprise for REM “City Veterinary Service” of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Investment of Almaty. reported that 15,000 dogs and cats are scheduled to microchip in 2022.

“This measure allows the keeping of data of pets in the city, as well as the effective planning of their vaccination against rabies and deworming against echinococcosis”, said the ministry.

Thanks to the fragmentation, 136,246 pets (90,035 dogs, 46,319 cats) were officially registered in Almaty today.

“Mandatory entry in the database, in the passport information for the owner and his pet, the microchip number will allow in the future to fully automate the work of registering pets,” the department added.

It is worth noting that vaccination is performed free of charge within the yard district by veterinary service employees.

For reference: Chipping is the electronic identification of animals, i.e., the implantation of a microchip under the skin of an animal containing a unique 15-digit individual number. He stays with the animal all his life.

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