Project +1 launches initiative to help pets and homeless: News ➕1, 26/05/2022

Project +1 launches initiative to help pets and homeless: News ➕1, 26/05/2022

The +1 project launched a series of online and offline activities to draw attention to the problems of pets and stray animals, as well as the work of those who help them on a commercial or charitable basis.

The + 1People Charitable Foundations Aggregator has opened a new section called “Animal Care”, created to attract even more support for specialized funds, to talk about industry urgent issues and to offer donors ways suitable for transferring funds.

“In the current reality, NGOs that help pets that have lost their owners face a number of serious problems: funding cuts, lack of medicines and medical food. We are confident that our special project will help people get more verified information about charities and the new “Help All Funds Now” feature will simplify the way for a donor.

“Before they become our partners, all NGOs are subject to full scrutiny, so you can be sure that your money will be spent for its intended purpose and all reports can be tracked on our website.” said Rimma Bichurina, project manager for competent charity + 1People. .

The + 1Gorod app now features interactive thematic tasks, including an award-winning quiz from partners (pet clothing brand HOMO & CANIS, KotZdorov online consulting service, liter digital book service, Hall grooming salon and more).

On the project interactive map, all pet assistance organizations will receive a special label: pet-friendly businesses, veterinary clinics and pharmacies, dog walking areas, and kennels they offer to take the animal to house.

Earlier, talked about launching donations to charitable foundations in the areas of work of the + 1People project.

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