Recipe for condensed milk pancake cake: delicious and incredibly simple |  chalk

Recipe for condensed milk pancake cake: delicious and incredibly simple | chalk

You have probably already prepared a stack of pancakes for the wide Maslenitsa. Purchased fillings as well. What else? You can make a pancake. With it (unlike pancakes, which are ideally eaten warm), you can even go on a visit!

A pancake cake is beautiful because even those who are not friends with the dough will surely afford its preparation. This is not an airy biscuit or the thinnest bench. Everything is simple here: you bake the pancakes, place them on a plate and coat each with a pre-prepared cream. You can also put pancakes with berries or fruit – then you will get a masterpiece at all.

Pancake Ingredients:

  • milky – 1 l
  • eggs – 2 pieces.
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons. l.
  • Salt – 2 peaks
  • Wheat flour – 2 glasses
  • Vegetable oil – 20 ml

Cream Ingredients:

  • Plain or boiled condensed milk – 1 can (320 g)
  • Butter – 50 g
  • bananas – 2 pieces.
  • nuts – 100 g
  • poppy seed – 2 tablespoons. l.

First of all, knead the dough for the pancakes. Beat eggs with sugar and salt. Gradually add the milk. Add flour in portions, it is better – pre-sifted. Make sure there are no lumps. Add a little vegetable oil and mix well again.

Let the dough rest for 10 minutes at room temperature, at this time we ourselves begin to prepare the cream. In a bowl, mix the condensed milk with the butter, beat it well with a mixer and send the resulting mass to the refrigerator.

After that, we grease the pan with vegetable oil and pour the dough prepared for pancakes on it – depending on the diameter of the pan, you will get from 15 to 20 pancakes.

While the bananas are cooling, cut them into rings and cut the nuts in a blender.

We start collecting the cake. To do this, you can use both a special cake ring and a simple plate. Lubricate each pancake with cream using a silicone spatula, place bananas in cream every two pancakes. When the cake is assembled, coat it on all sides with cream, sprinkle it with nuts and poppy seeds.

Let the cake stand for a few hours in the refrigerator so that it is better saturated with cream and serve.

Next time you can replace bananas with apples and poppy seeds with cinnamon, raspberries and almonds.

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