Rules for the calculation of pets adopted in Kazakhstan ᐈ

Rules for the calculation of pets adopted in Kazakhstan ᐈ

The Minister of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan, by order of May 20, 2022, approved the rules for the registration of pets and the list of pets that will be registered, reports

Thus, it is said that pets owned by natural and legal persons, including those located in animal shelters, temporary animal detention centers, animal rehabilitation centers, zoos, are subject to mandatory registration, in case of change. of the owner. animals, mandatory re-registration in the database with the registration of the following life cycle events of pets:

  1. birth;

  2. imports;

  3. finding a neglected (unlabeled);

  4. labeling;

  5. murder;

  6. death;

  7. extinction;

  8. identification of signs of disease based on the results of a clinical examination;

  9. Veterinary and preventive measures (vaccination, sampling, treatment against parasites, allergy tests, laboratory tests);

  10. relocation (detachment from the place of detention, in the geographical data of which the pet is attached and relocation to another place of detention);

  11. change of owner;

  12. quarantine;

  13. burden.

The procedure for registering pets requires the owner or responsible person to submit an electronic application for recording events in the database.

The accounting process includes:

  • provision by the pet owner or the person responsible for the data recorder;

  • visual inspection of the general health of the pet and control for the presence of installed accounting equipment;

  • showing race characteristics in the database;

  • installation of accounting products (tools) by registrars;

  • inclusion of information in the database;

  • assigning an individual number to the database.

In case of detection of already installed metering products, a check is made on the database.

If another owner of a pet is found, the owner indicated in the database is immediately notified by the person performing the account in any available way and the registration of the new owner is refused.

Installation of measuring products or equipment is performed by the registrar using:

  1. boluses inserting into the pet gastrointestinal tract;

  2. chips through their subcutaneous injection;

  3. bracelets or collars or harnesses;

  4. electronic label;

  5. labels in the center of the ear, without touching the veins;

  6. tattoos.

After installing the metering device, the recorder enters the following information into the database during the day:

  • Individual Identification Number (IIN), surname, first name, patronymic of the pet owner – individual or business identification number (BIN) and name of the pet owner – a legal entity;

  • residence of the owner of a pet – an individual or location, legal address – a legal person;

  • owner contact details;

  • place of detention;

  • species, nickname, race, sex, color, date of birth, age;

  • type, number and data of accounting item (tools);

  • individual number;

  • information about vaccinations and sterilizations performed.

The list of pets to be registered includes:

Dog, cat, guinea pig, chinchilla, ferret, ornamental rat, turtle, dwarf pig, hamster, monkey (except species prohibited for keeping).

At the same time, dogs and cats are subject to mandatory registration, the rest – voluntary.

Here you can see the rules in more detail.

The order enters into force on September 1, 2023.

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