Russian pet owners should not worry about the lack of veterinary medicines

Russian pet owners should not worry about the lack of veterinary medicines

It simply does not exist, so pets will not be left without veterinary care

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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation assured that Russia has its own vaccines, diagnostic, antiparasitic and tranquilizers for animals, as well as its own unique developments of veterinary drugs. According to the agency, in 2021, 14 billions of doses of vaccines for animal diseases and 170 million units of veterinary pharmaceutical products.

Pavel Kotov, a resident of Naryan-Mar, in an interview with a NAO24 correspondent noted that he had no difficulty in purchasing veterinary medicines for his pets.

– I always monitor the health of my cats, I get vaccinated every year. I give preference to the local vaccine. There was a case when one of the cats got very sick, had liver problems. Veterinarian appointed us a drugHeptrolux“, it Russian production. They drank everything, helped the cat, he is alive and well. Previously, I did not think which country produces medicines for animals, but now I pay attention to it. In our country are produced many medicines, vitamin complexes and vaccines for animals. “I am glad that we can buy them freely, despite any restrictions,” said a resident of the region.

Russian experts confirm that there is no shortage of drugs. In particular, the head of the veterinary center ┬╗Dentalvet┬╗Anna Spirina focused on anesthesia drugs used in veterinary clinics. Everything is inside FAIRLY quantity. At the same time, she added that the pricing policy for domestic medicines has not changed.

Moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, together with specialized associations and subordinate biofactories, is increasing the production of veterinary drugs. It is also noted that the Irena information system for the search of veterinary drugs has been introduced and operates in Russia.

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