South Korea tightens animal protection laws

South Korea tightens animal protection laws

Under current law, the maximum penalty for some acts that are legally considered cruelty to animals is up to three years in prison and a fine of $ 30 million. Such a sentence now also applies to the capture and killing of an animal that has no owner or whose owner is unknown, as well as to “causing death in violation of the obligations of keeping, caring for and protecting a pet”.

They also tightened control over the breeding of fighting dogs. The changes require owners of certain dangerous breeds to obtain a separate keeping permit, which includes an assessment of each puppy’s temperament. The same rule applies to dogs that are not included in the list of dangerous breeds, which however can be classified as dangerous according to the evaluation results. Testing should be performed by a special commission (Temperament Assessment Commission) set up by the regional authorities. Refusal to take the test without a valid reason will result in a fine of 1 million won.

In addition, mating or inciting heat in animals under the age of 12 months has already been criminalized. The sale of dogs or cats under the age of two months under the new legislation will be fined up to 3 million won (previously the breeder ‘s activity was suspended for 90 days).

In the absence of a license to sell pets or keep pets unregistered, the breeder faces a complete ban on the activity.

According to the Korean veterinary portal, the changes also affect private shelters for homeless animals. They are now subject to closure in case of non-compliance with the standards set for animal husbandry or lack of state registration.

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