Spartak General Director assesses risks of Abaskal’s sudden departure from team :: Football :: RBC Sport

Spartak General Director assesses risks of Abaskal’s sudden departure from team :: Football :: RBC Sport

According to Melezhikov, in Spartak over the past two years they have become accustomed to force majeure. He noted that Abascal is not married and the Spanish federation has not put pressure on him, so the coach is unlikely to decide to leave the team on his own initiative.

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Guillermo Abascal

Guillermo Abascal

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Spartak general manager Evgeny Melezhikov told RIA Novosti that he was not afraid of a sudden termination of the contract by the new head coach of the team, Guillermo Abascal.

“I can definitely say that I’m not afraid that Abaskal could pack up and leave. Because over the last two years there have been many situations where you have had to activate force majeure and act outside the box. I hope this does not happen because the person is not related to family ties. In this regard, he is a freelance artist, capable of making decisions independently. “And the chance to work at Spartak for him is still a challenge to achieve titles, high places,” said Melezhikov.

According to Melezhikov, there was no “pressure from the Spanish side” on Abaskal during the negotiations with Spartak.

“He expressed the desire to lead the team, Luca (Cattani) gave a positive response in terms of professional and human qualities, aspiration, efficiency, etc. The only question was whether Basel let him leave. “Basel, we have to pay tribute to them, agreed to terminate the contract at the initiative of Abaskal,” Melezhikov said.

Abascal’s agent called Spartak’s appointment a challenge for the coach

Guillermo Abascal

On June 9, Spartak announced the resignation of Italian coach Paolo Vanoli, with whom the team won the Russia Cup. The next day the red and whites announced the appointment of 33-year-old Spanish Abascal.

Abascal started his career as a coach in the Sevilla youth team, led the Swiss Chiasso and Lugano, the Italian Ascoli and the Greek Volos and last season he worked in Basel since February.


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