UEFA will ban the Russian national team and remove the clubs from the Champions League and Europa League: details, options, what is better

UEFA will ban the Russian national team and remove the clubs from the Champions League and Europa League: details, options, what is better

For Russia, UEFA has two options for a ban. And the loss of European competition no longer looks terrible

Andrey Pankov

Andrey Pankov

For Russia, UEFA has two options for a ban

There is a better schedule. Details of the next decision.

Next week, UEFA plans to make a decision on the participation of Russian teams (clubs and all our national teams) in the next European season. “Championship” learned the details of the next decision.

Who to play Russia with, if not allowed in the League of Nations?  Few options
Who to play Russia with, if not allowed in the League of Nations? Few options

What sanctions are currently applied to Russian football

If you suddenly fell from life, then remember: on February 28, UEFA and FIFA announced the suspension of Russian teams from international tournaments until further notice. Thus, Spartak Moscow lost the opportunity to play in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League season 2021/2022 and the Russian team did not participate in the qualifying play-off for the 2022 World Cup. They did not play their matches in the selection for the Euro next year and Russia youth team, and there is still no clarity about the participation of the women’s team in this year’s European Championship.

Players of the Russian national football team

Players of the Russian national football team

Photo: Dmitry Golubovich, Championship

RFU did not agree with these decisions and went to the CAS. The dates of the meetings for our claims against FIFA and UEFA should be set soon. The lawsuits are also for admitting Russian teams to participate in all international matches. You can read more about the lawsuit here.

If sanctions have already been imposed, then what will change after UEFA decisions

Despite the current suspension (until the second announcement), the final decision on the participation of our clubs in European competitions and nationals in European tournaments has not been taken. This means, now, officially, no one ruled out clubs and teams: the youth team was not counted for technical losses, and instead of Russian teams, no one was announced in the European Cups for next season. But that’s just for the moment.

According to our information, UEFA plans to officially announce that all Russian teams will be suspended from participating in matches under the auspices of the European Federation for next season. And then it can be said with confidence: Zenit will be left without the Champions League, the winner of the Russian Cup will be without the Europa League and the rest of the teams that reached the qualifications of the Champions League and the Conference League will not play in them. At the same time, the men’s team will miss the League of Nations matches and the women’s team will lose the Euro.


Match “Zenith” – “Chelsea”

Photo: Elena Razina, Championship

Such a quick decision of UEFA is related to the preparation of the calendar for next season: the championships in European countries are ready to end, so it is necessary to think now about the logistics for all participants in European competitions. And European officials have two options for stopping Russia:

  • official suspension of teams and clubs for the entire next season;
  • extension of the current suspension until further notice, which was previously accepted.

And for us, choosing these UEFA options is essential. It is necessary to root for the second. If the suspension option for the season is chosen, then the men’s team will not only be absent from the League of Nations, but also will not be able to participate in the qualifying tournament for the European Championship – 2024. This is because the selection there will begin in March 2023. And that’s worse than just removing clubs from European competitions for a season.

If the option is formulated with the wording “until further notice”, then the chances of competing for access to the Euro will remain. With an optimistic scenario (for Russian football), RFU expects to return to Europe in the spring of next year.

“There are no complaints about Poles.” How “Rostov” raises the headquarters of the Russian national team

What will RFS do?

RFU is now determined to continue the path of Russia’s return to European football. They constantly communicate with the UEFA representatives there – the good relations of the past, despite the geopolitical situation, are not lost. The transfer to the Asian Football Confederation, which has been much discussed over the past month, is considered by the RFU as the most extreme option. RFU is confident that our football will return to the European arena. The timing of this return depends on the timing of the completion of the special military operation. (Formulation at the request of Roskomnadzor) in Ukraine.

There is also good news. UEFA does not yet plan to exclude RFU from the organization’s membership. Maybe they will choose a humane option with the removal of our football.

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