Vasiliev shared a recipe that pleased Tsiskaridze and Golub

Vasiliev shared a recipe that pleased Tsiskaridze and Golub

Alexander Vasiliev delighted the guests with a culinary masterpiece.

Alexander Vasiliev received Nikolai Tsiskaridze and actress Marina Golub in France. The fashion historian decided to surprise his guests not only with the thin setting of the table, but also with a signature dish, which he personally prepared for the reception of dear guests.

He shows up with a big lathe and says, “Kok-o-van.” It means cock in summer. We ate it for a long time, it was incomparably cooked. And suddenly, Marina at one point says, “Sasha, can I get the recipe from you?”. Sasha sits in a chair and says, “You get two big chickens,” Nikolai Tsiskaridze recalled a funny story.

Alexander Vasiliev simply explains why chicken should be taken for the “Geli in summer” dish.

“Gel always yields strong meat, and chicken boils well,” the stylist revealed the secret on Channel One’s “Tonight” program.

The fashion historian gladly shared the recipe of this old French dish.

“The chicken must be well cut, it must be fried well with onions and crackles made in the pork trunk. If not, then you will not get the taste and, of course, you will buy good, cheap red wine. Boil, the wine turns into a coffee sauce. “All this is done with a small Provencal onion, we add a few prunes, a few raisins, two figs, two dried apricots”, reveals Vasilyev secrets.

All this is boiled in a pressure cooker, with the addition of bay leaf and rosemary. And “liquefy” for two hours. Serve with white or wild rice.

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Authors: Sergej Vodyanitsky

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