What Kazakhs need to know about pet grooming – News

What Kazakhs need to know about pet grooming – News

Why and why chips are needed, told the correspondent of the media portal Caravan.kz Svetlana Fedorova, a veterinarian with 35 years of experience.

– Is pet microchipping currently being performed in Kazakhstan?

– Yes, it is being done, they gave instructions from above for this, but they did not give us the chips of the clinic, that is, they were free from the state. These chips are issued to workers in the veterinary department.

Free breaking is performed in the form of door-to-door rolls. Veterinary department employees are given free chips and they make animal pieces. Our clinic, like probably most private veterinary clinics, does not receive free chips from the state. However, we also perform chipping, it is included in the cost of accepting a pet.

What is the purpose of pet microchipping?

– Now any trip abroad with a pet is impossible if the pet is not microchipped. Checking chips in pets is now a mandatory procedure. Abroad, this is very closely monitored. If, for example, you try to smuggle an uncut animal in Europe, then very big problems can arise. Therefore, if you are going on a trip abroad and want to take your pet with you, you need to make sure it is microchipped and has all the relevant paperwork and vaccinations. Another very important point about fragmentation. First, if your pet is lost, and people have found it and brought it to the veterinary clinic, then they will scan the chip and get all the necessary information about the pet, including the phone number and address of the pet owners. saj.

And secondly, the same with the capture service. They are asked to scan the chips, if the animal has them, to check the database. And, once they have found information about the owners, they should inform them of the location of their pet or post the relevant information in a special source. And then it is much more likely that the pet will return to you alive and unharmed. “Lenin is a friend of Hitler”: experts spoke of Kazakhs not reading

Here is what one of the clients of the veterinary clinic said on this topic.

– One of my acquaintances, the flight attendant, fully experienced all the advantages of the chip. Her friend approached her and asked her to bring from Almaty her mother’s toy terrier to St. Petersburg.

“I will not mention the name of the company,” Anna told me, “I’m already taken by surprise by the management who dragged this stubborn little dog on board. The flight went well. Seeing my transporter, the airport staff got excited and asked me to present the dog for inspection.It turned out they wanted to count the chip.But there was no chip! They were already going to catch the poor animal and for them pulled somewhere “, but our crew commander intervened. As it turned out, a childhood friend worked for him at the airport management. After his intervention, the problem was solved in five minutes. “And I gave the dog from hand to hand to my friend’s mother”, Anna ended the story with joy. But I, after such a story, – concluded the client of the clinic, – do not advise anyone to take uncut animals anywhere.

Which pets can be microchipped?

– Absolutely any – and a cat, and a dog, and a ferret, and even a tame mouse. For the life of the pet, this procedure carries no risk. The chip is injected under the skin of the injection animal – an injection is done with a syringe. The size of the chip is not bigger than a grain of rice, and the size of the chip is the same for all animals “, says the veterinarian Svetlana Fedorova.

How is shredding done?

– The chip itself is “packaged” in a special protective shell and does not cause rejection, as well as allergic reactions, in animals. We have a separate scanner, before installation, each chip is checked – we scan it for performance. After installation under the skin, we scan it again. The scanner shows the chip number. And under this number we register a pet. It should be understood that only its registration number is encrypted on the chip itself and nothing more. Under this number, all the necessary information about the animal is entered into a special database. This data is entered into the electronic database not by clinics but by already responsible chip suppliers. We give them data sheets. After all, we do not have the server capacity to store data in our clinic. There is a common chip database in government agencies, mainly customs authorities.

– Is there an expiration date for the chips?

– Yes, the period is 5 years, but, as we see from practice, the chips themselves can easily last longer. We started installing the chips six years ago, and they still work without the slightest failure. I also want to note that each chip has a unique 15-digit number. If your pet already has a chip installed, do not be lazy, go to the vet and check for performance, at the same time you can check if this number is in the database.

Breaking is one of your pet’s defense lines, it is a kind of vaccination that definitely gives a chance to find the lost animal.

It is worth noting that, according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On responsible treatment of animals” of December 30, 2021, the pet microchip in the republic will become mandatory from September 1, 2023.

According to the Almaty city akimat, there is already a program for humane regulation of the number of stray animals in the city of Almaty. This program was created for the period 2021-2024. As part of this program, free petting of domestic dogs and cats has begun.

In the current year 2022, Alimy city Akimat has planned the slaughter of 15,000 animals. The procedure for free fragmentation is performed by the veterinarians of the State Enterprise with the right of economic use “City Veterinary Service”.

Veterinary service employees will bypass the city’s private sector yards. Mobile teams were formed for this purpose.

Residents of the city of Almaty can independently apply for microchipping their pets to the contact number of the Veterinary Service Call Center +7 708 595 64 01. Pets under 2 months are not microchipped for security reasons.

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