What to cook for Easter 2022 – a recipe for sausage, salmon, baked chicken / HB

What to cook for Easter 2022 – a recipe for sausage, salmon, baked chicken / HB

These simple recipes will create a special atmosphere at the table.

After a harsh fast, meat and fish dishes become the most awaited on the Easter table. Since many Ukrainians are now far from their comfortable kitchens and wide selection of ingredients, we have collected some holiday recipes from fairly basic products that are easily found in Ukrainian and European supermarkets.

Chicken with lemon and rosemary

This chicken turns out juicy and fragrant, and also goes well with any side dish and herb. The original recipe uses lemons, but they can be seasonally replaced with apples, plums, oranges, prunes or vegetables.

Chicken recipe in the oven

Roasted salmon with oranges

Salmon is one of the most common fish in European supermarkets, so you can spend Easter evening in the company of this special fish. Optionally, the sauce can be replaced with cream, but the orange perfectly gives the salmon flavor and gives the dish freshness.

recipe for salmon in the oven

home-made sausage

Sausage is an integral part of Easter baskets in many countries, including Ukraine. Ready-made sausages can be fried and baked to make them a little healthier. In any case, you can not do without sausage, so choose a recipe and start cooking:

Porchetta with pork rolls

In Italy, no holiday is complete without this combination of bacon with a layer of meat and a filling of greens and peppers. Yevgeny Klopotenko prepares porchetta from “general” fat and gives the taste of a high-calorie dish with a sauce of greens and lemon juice.

Pork recipe in the oven

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