where to eat Caesar salad in Moscow – Poster Restaurants

where to eat Caesar salad in Moscow – Poster Restaurants

  • They say the 1990s are back: not only bicycle shorts and panama hats are back in vogue, but Caesar salad too. We tell you in which restaurants you should order a Caesar salad in Moscow.

  • To be honest, Caesar salad got its name not in honor of the ancient Roman commander, but after the creator – Caesar Cardini, an Italian chef who owned several restaurants in the Mexican city of Tijuana, during the ban . Caesar’s official birthday is July 4, 1924 – United States Independence Day. Apparently on this day Mr. Cardini came many guests, the meal was over and they had to eat what was next: lettuce leaves with eggs and olive oil. Over the years, the recipe has changed, but in the original version, romaine lettuce leaves, croutons, parmesan and egg yolks and olive oil sauce with garlic, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce are unchanged. Sometimes anchovies and chicken are added, less often shrimp or salmon. Moscow restaurants have classic variations of Caesar salad and unusual ones – we have selected the most popular ones.

  • Caesar Salad, Propaganda Club, 450 rubles
  • One of the oldest “Caesars” of the capital, for whom for more than 20 years guests come to “Propaganda” day and night. Appeared on the menu in the second year after the opening of the club, in 1998, and since then the recipe has remained unchanged. The base is a salad mix with romaine and iceberg, croutons and a spicy sauce with the addition of capers. The menu has a classic version without chicken (450 rubles), but on request, you can add fried chicken fillets with marinated slices in herbs (490 rubles). Chef Vadim Chumakov also offers options with shrimp (700 rubles) and salmon (750 rubles), but they are not in high demand, you will not find them on the menu.

  • Zi “Cezar”, restaurant Ugolek, 980 rubles.
  • Another highly respected Caesar in Moscow, whose recipe was invented for the Ugolek restaurant ten years ago by Italian chef William Lamberti. For the chef this is a special dish because his grandfather was also called Caesar. Although the Lambert salad variation did not come out with Italian but with an Asian accent: he added galangal sauce, truffle oil, anchovies, capers and sepia dye and instead of chicken he offered Thai squid and shrimp chips. Romano leaves and parmesan slices are also available.

  • “Caesar” with chicken breast, restaurant Office TSUM, 980 rubles
  • Vladimir Chistyakov’s Caesar salad turned out to be very elegant, as it should be in the central store. The chef did not limit himself to small croutons – in his interpretation, thin crackers should fly over the plate. Underneath the salad leaves are just as large, generously seasoned with anchovy and caper sauce, slices of fried chicken breast and fresh tomatoes. Garnish the salad with parmesan razor and two halves of warm egg in a bag, sprinkled with onion finely chopped sibulet.

  • Caesar, chicken, parmesan, restaurant Aist, 850 rub.
  • It seems the Italians have in their DNA how to make a delicious Caesar. Renowned chef Mirko Dzago has been preparing this dish in Moscow restaurants for many years and says that now the demand for it has increased again. Mirko believes Muscovites fell in love with the salad because of the greasy sauce a la mayonnaise, but they were never used to anchovies, so you won’t find them in salads, only in sauce, punched until softened with parmesan and garlic. . In Aista the salad is prepared as follows: the chicken fillet pieces are fried in garlic oil just before serving, especially lucky those guests who will arrive while they are still warm.

  • “Caesar” with farm chicken and eggs, Bro & Restaurants N, 680 r.
  • Another “Caesar” by Mirko Dzago is served at Bro & N restaurants in Patriarchy and Kamergersky, and this is probably the best from his reincarnation. The salad here is the most satisfying: it comes warm with pieces of freshly fried chicken fillets, fried eggs, golden croutons and abundant pieces of parmesan.

  • Salad, chicken fillets, croutons, Bambule bar, 680 r.
  • At the bar in Solyanka, it would seem that they could do without Caesar, but no. At the request of the guests, chef Artem Mukhin created his own version of the salad in Bambule, in which he decided to combine the fresh taste of seasonal vegetables, open fire and spicy. The main thing is that he did not focus on anchovies, but on chili peppers. Chili peppers had to be fermented to enhance the umami flavor, which is rare in chili compared to salted anchovies. The result was Caesar with chicken, glazed chili, lettuce, fresh cream cheese with fermented chili and grilled bread.

  • “Caesar” with shrimp, pub Black Swan, 730 rubles.
  • Shrimp variation fans should check out the beautiful Black Swan Pub near Bambule. The owners and the chef are actually the same, but the concepts are completely different – each is beautiful in its own way. Here Mukhin raises the degree of ingenuity of Caesar with the help of a special onion sauce without the characteristic taste of onions. The shrimp are grilled, and large slices of bread are passed over the fire.

  • “Caesar” with crab, restaurant “Krabykutaby”, 1200 rubles.
  • Chef Artem Martirosov at the Krabykutaby restaurant prepares Caesar, of course, with crab. This is one of the most expensive “Caesars” in Moscow, but the serving of the dish is convenient: the salad is decorated with lace chips made from flax seeds with the addition of cuttlefish dye. Yes, and crackers depict croissants fried in oil, and not some ordinary bun.

  • Small Roman salad with anshofis sauce, Pushkin restaurant, 1050 rubles.
  • “Pushkin” chef Andrey Makhov from ordinary “Caesar” made a refined “Salad from small novels with anshofis sauce”. The sauce is really made with anchofis, ie with anchovies, from the French anchois. Also in the composition is the same mini-roman salad, as well as cherry tomatoes, parmesan, garlic croutons and … fried porcini mushrooms. Instead of a boring chicken breast, the chef added chicken wings.

  • “Caesar” with fried eggs, restaurants of the chain “Coffeemania”, 950 rubles
  • The monumental salad has been on the Coffeemania menu since its opening (since 2001), but in 2020 it has changed little. Chef Vitaly Karsaev added warm fried eggs to the usual dish – it is more satisfying and more elegant. The leaves of Romaine lettuce and iceberg are topped with a sauce called Caesar, chicken breast cooked with josper, parmesan shavings and toasted Pearl bread.

  • “Caesar” with chicken, restaurant “Musson”, 590 rubles.
  • Although “Musson” is considered a seafood restaurant, chef Alexei Kostygov decided to use not shrimp or salmon, but josper farm-cooked chicken to cook “Caesar”. We also decided to use a smoker: instead of parmesan, the classic Caesar sauce in egg yolk is added to smoked suluguni. The salad is garnished with malt chips.

  • Romano leaves with grilled chicken restaurant Dom nr 8 750 rub.
  • A very nutritious “Caesar” was also found in Khamovniki. Alexander Popov, chef of the restaurant Dom No. 8, cooks a bay with thyme and garlic, adds large crunchy Roman leaves and traditional Caesar sauce with Dijon mustard and anchovies. The author’s version of the salad is complemented with eggs, cherry tomatoes, parmesan and croutons with green oil.

  • Grilled chicken breast with lettuce and anchovy sauce, Parkhouse restaurant, 800 rubles.
  • At the Parkhouse restaurant, in the park of the North River Station, Caesar is traditionally prepared with an easy interpretation by chef Irina Boldyreva. Ingredients: Grilled chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce and classic recipe sauce – creamy with anchovies, capers and worcester. Instead of traditional croutons, Irina adds parmesan chips to the salad.

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