Wildlife is being vaccinated in the forests of the Rybinsk region

Wildlife is being vaccinated in the forests of the Rybinsk region

Olga Grzhibovskaya

Residents are asked not to touch the brown briquettes

In the hunting grounds of the Yaroslavl region, wildlife is vaccinated against rabies. Dark brown food briquettes from a mixture of beef and pork fat, fish meal and bone meal are spread in the woods and in areas adjacent to settlements, where capsules with the Oralrabivak vaccine are placed. It is absolutely harmless to animals (including pets) and does not cause disease even when several doses are eaten at the same time. Immunity to the rabies virus is acquired for one year.

The event is aimed at carnivores, mainly foxes and raccoon dogs. They are particularly vulnerable to disease. In addition, it is the prevention of rabies among wolves, baldos, trochees, martens, minks, hedgehogs.

– The region has already received the required amount of vaccine under the federal program. During this vaccination phase, it is planned to place 300 thousand doses in the hunting area. “Such measures are aimed at preventing rabies in wildlife, which is necessary, among other things, to solve the problems of the national project” Ecology “, – said Vladimir Safonov, deputy chairman of the Committee for the Protection of Wildlife. Department of Environmental Protection and Nature Management.


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